Pride Gym Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts For Men & Women!

Whether your’re interested in a possible Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Career or your’re looking for a dynamic Self Defense System that’s been tested countless times in the cage and the ring then Pride Gym’s MMA Classes are what you’re looking for!


Our Team of MMA Instructors has well over 100 years combined training experience with over 50 years teaching experience so you can expect the very best MMA Coaching available.


With a proven track record and over 10 Pro Fighters like Cody Mckenzie of the UFC and even more amateur fighters in our ranks, many of which are Title Holders you can be assured that Pride Gym’s MMA you will have training partners have the skills needed to push you achieve your goals. Whether it’s to become the best MMA Fighter in the world, get in great shape or learn how to defend yourself this class is for you.


Don’t let the Macho Bravado scare you away! These classes are for anyone, are crazy fun and everyone is super friendly!

   Things to Keep in Mind

  • A positive attitude is a must.
  • Proper gym attire is key, shorts, yoga pants, or Gi (kimono) etc.
  • If your goal is to learn to beat people up, this is not the place for you!
  • Respect is a must. No form of harassment will be tolerated.
  • Consult a physician before doing strenuous activities.

MMA Gallery

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  • Pride Gym Mixed Martial Arts 1
  • Pride Gym Mixed Martial Arts 2


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