Spokane Submission Challenge - 2020

Spokane Submission Challenge

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A few of our Pride Gym Brazilian Jiu Jitsu members attend Spokane Submission Challenge on January 4th, they all did Great!


2 of our Kids/Youth members from our new BJJ class attended. Mackena got a Gold Medal in Gi and a gold in no-gi. Hudson got a Gold in No-gi and finished his opponent off with a rear naked choke.


Noah was bumped up to the adult Blue belt division and fought amazingly well. The guys that he fought were a Naga absolute champion and a guy that fought at worlds in Blue belt. They both were really impressed with Noah and said that he fought like a blue belt. Noah finished with 2 bronze medals. They were surprised that he is only 15.


Keanan did great, getting a silver in gi and gold in No gi and he even had an exhibition match against a blue belt and submitted him with a guillotine choke. Brandon won the Gold medal in no gi. He fought some really tuff guys and earned it. Christopher did Really Well he kept the pressure on and finished with a bronze and a silver medal. Gilbert had to fight in a division where he was 20 pounds under weight for the gi and got bronze.

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