Submission Ace Championship - 2019

Submission Ace Championship 2019 Spring Classic Held in Kelowna B.C.

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Submission Ace Championship - 2019

Instructor Aaron Price, Brandon Krumm, Liam Barnes, Noah Champagne, Gilbert Chsmpagne, Jared Kovac and Glen Kalesniko.


Brandon Krumm competed in the 205lbs white belt division and brought home a silver medal.


Gilbert Champagne competed in the 175lbs blue belt division.


Liam Barnes competed in the 165lbs white belt division, bringing home a bronze medal.


Jared Kovac competed in the 145lbs white belt division.


Noah competed in the 130lbs 13-17 year old orange belt bringing home a Silver medals in Gi and a silver in No Gi divisions.

2019 Submission Ace Championship

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