1 Gold and 2 Silver Medals for Pride Gym on the Weekend

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3 members of Pride Gym BJJ attended Pacific Top Team’s in house tournament in Kelowna on July 7th.


Noah Champagne competed in the Teen Yellow Belt and up division where he dominated his higher ranked competition. He won his first match in under a minute. He used a loop choke throw to finish his opponent via collar choke. He also finished his 2nd opponent quickly by armbar to win the Gold Medal.


Brandon Krumm competed in the white belt adult heavy weight division. He had a strong showing, finishing his much larger opponent with an ankle lock. In the finals, he fought well and landed a beautiful sacrifice throw but was caught in a baseball choke. He finished the competition with a silver medal.


Gilbert Champagne entered the absolute division first where he defeated his first opponent by Ezekiel choke, but lost to a black belt in the 2nd round who ultimately went on to win the absolute division. Gilbert also competed in the blue belt masters division where he quickly defeated his first opponent by armbar. In the finals, Gilbert was winning by points but in the last minute was caught in a triangle choke to finish in 2nd place.

2018 BJJ Kelowna Tournament Photo Gallery

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