Spokane WA Fights - June 9 2017

Proving Ground Spokane WA June 9th, 2017

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Great Night of fights in Spokane WA where both Billy Cameron and Tyler Harry had tough opponents. Billy was up first, this was a great fight with Pridegym fighter putting a guillotine choke on his opponent that had him going out…. But the bell rang him to save him.


Billy threw multiple arm bars, guillotine chokes on through out the fight. It went to the judges and the home town judges called it a split decision to his opponent.


Tyler’s fight was a great display of striking. Tyler’s punches and kicks kept his aggressive opponent at bay. Then Tyler stuns him with a right hand and lands a head high round house kick that drops him! Giving Tyler a 2nd round TKO for the win.


Thanks to all the training/sparring partners that came out to spar and do pad work for them for there fight.
CJ Bagg, Mark Hutchinson, Aaron Price, Brad Causey, Wesley “Snipes” Neil, Gilbert Champagne, Morgan Oliver, Mathew Oliver, Sandy Bagg, Brandon Krumm, Danelle Farrell, Willy Buckley, Shane Martini and Gord Smith

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