Western Canadians BJJ Tournament Gold Medals

Western Canadians BJJ Tournament Gold Medal Winners!

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Gilbert and Noah Champagne attended the Western Canadians BJJ tournament on June 10th in Penticton B.C.


Gilbert In gi (masters)
Gilbert won against a more advanced opponent by points, 22-0 for gold.


Gilbert won his first match against a much younger, taller and stronger opponent by taking him to the ground with a hip throw and then getting his back and submitting him with a rear naked choke. 2nd match, Gilbert won after passing his opponent’s guard, getting full mount and finishing with an Americana.


Absolute no-gi win by Ezekiel choke. Opponent pulled guard, Gilbert mounted and finished with the Ezekiel.


(3 golds)


Noah Gi
Noah faced a tough opponent in both matches. He was taken to the ground and in both matches snuck out the back door to take the back and finish with two rear naked chokes. Gold medal awarded.


Noah had full mount and finished both matches with an arm bar to come away with his second gold.

2017 Western Canadians BJJ Tournament Photo Gallery

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